Mini-review/first look

Alright, I’ve said previously that I do like some VNs. They can be a very good way to tell a story if done well, and companies like Nitroplus tend to put out very well-done VNs. They get you to care for the characters and about what happens, and they tell a good story. Maybe Not a heartwarming story, but a good story instead.

H games, however, I simply don’t get. Correction, I understand the appeal, but they just don’t do it for me. Not my cup of tea, you might say.

SO after browsing J list for Clannad, Kanon, etc (and searching for the after stories for Shuffle!) I can across the most amusing thing ever, so amusing that I am actually writing this.

A game, Called Teacher’s Class. Now, I said H games don’t do it for me, which is only why I am not linking to it or showing a photo or cover art, and why I was hesitant to even say the title. Not that you could tell.

Okay, it’s an H game. There are lots of them.

Okay, let’s copy paste the description of it:

Eroge maker Bishop is known for their incredibly hardcore gakuen (academy) themed bishoujo games, usually including themes of training and eventually converting the female heroines to ahegao (sex-crazed faces) and sex maniac bodies who live only to serve the protagonist. Includes five heroines to target (four students and a teacher), all incredibly busty and gorgeous with some designs by the famous artist Kagami (creator of Taimanin Asagi among others). Includes great features like fetish close-up “bust shots” during character dialogue, the ability to zoom and check out other body areas as well, and of course dozens of drippingly hot ero CG and erotic full female voiced ecchi scenes. A great game for anyone with a hardcore leaning to their academy-themed fantasies!

Okay, Lets examine the issues there. Fine, hardcore games. Although, when most people can get hardcore by googleing, even googleing innocent things (keep safe search ON, kids) it is a wonder they would buy games. Especially when this one costs… wait for it…

$115.00 U.S. dollars. That is dinner at a nicer restaurant. That is a couple small steaks at Mortons. That’s a tank of premium gas for a car with a smaller tank (if you live in CA,I can’t vouch for prices elsewhere.) That is 10% of the rent of a somewhat nice apartment in the city. Maybe not the nicest part of the city, but still a nicer city apartment. In short, my opinion on H is that it appeals to the more lonely type of person, and is specifically aimed at that person. It is also my opinion that that target audience is not known for having lots of money, so that pricing hurts their targeted audience.

Back to the description. Training and converting the characters. Well, you hear about people being converted like that in real life. Generally, it’s people who are kidnapped who start to sympathize and agree with their captors, or people in abusive relationships who try to change to please the abuser. Strike 3.

Four students and a teacher…well, if the main is a student, that teacher should be fired for such a relationship, or be smart enough to have a student trying something like what the game has arrested. If the main is a teacher, well, what are they doing going after students? I had an older teacher who leered at the girls in class in high school. Look, teachers checking out students isn’t a turn on for them, it really creeps them out, and quite visibly. It also ends up with a teacher becoming reported to police or school administration and them losing their job if it becomes too bad. Strike 4.

‘Includes great features like…’ Look, I’m sorry, but if a series tries to sell itself based on the characters bodies, it is lacking creativity, originality, story, or any of the things that make it worth reading, playing, or watching. Sure, if all you care about is the nude characters, then H is fine, but for people who want a character they can relate to, or simply be amused by, they will never find it in an H game. Maybe in an eroge VN game, but those tell a story and have adult moments (most deal with adult situations maturely, which is commendable.) actually, some of the best VN games I have encountered have adult situations and deal with it maturely. H, especially in this case, simply has no redeeming factor to make it worthwhile. And, if the characters selling somehting based on their bodies is what you want, then hey, google is your friend. Perhaps even your only friend.

Conclusion: Just from the description and examining it, this thing (I hesitate to even call it an abomination) has so many nails in its coffin, the coffin may as well be steel held together by bits of wood.

Qualifications: Yes, I have played H before. One game that a friend lent me without telling me what it was. On an unlabeled disc too, so I just assumed they pirated it. Played a little bit, then uninstalled it. Some of you who read this will not be 18, and chances are that you have looked up adult material online already. So really, this is to those who are under 18 and can’t wait to be able to rent and buy adult materials, or those who are old enough, and thinking of trying out the adult genre: H games cost money. Google doesn’t. Both give essentially the same thing. And at $115.00, no game is worth it, if you really want to try out the adult entertainment.

So, why did I look at this and decide to write this? Well, partially to make a point about H games, and partially for future use. Many anime and manga series (or just individual books) try to sell based on the characters bodies. However, these stories are NOT H, but they concentrate on the visual appeal of the characters, they they forget they aren’t H, and become ecchi situations, bodily appeal, and they and up putting in as little story as you get from an adult story.

The best example is the beach or hot springs episode every anime and manga featuring a male protagonist with one or more female acquaintances is apparently required by law to have.

SO really, I wrote this to make you, the average reader, stop and think. H sells based on the bodies of the characters, and has no story. Considering that, think about what you can expect when you see a manga or anime using the characters appearance to sell it. H has appeal due to massive, and usually uncensored nudity. That ecchi comedy series doesn’t have that nudity-it isn’t H, and doesn’t want to be classified as such. What you are looking at, dear reader, is H with all the appeal people see in H missing.

Congratulations, you just became a slightly more savvy consumer of Japanese comics, cartoons, and games.


4 thoughts on “Mini-review/first look

  1. “H sells based on the bodies of the characters, and has no story.”

    I’m guessing you haven’t played Shuffle? Kira Kira? Yume Miru Kusuri? Saya no Uta? You mentioned that Nitro+ puts out great VNs, and Saya no Uta is an H game by them that has an outstanding story.

    There are tons of H games with excellent stories, you just need to know where to look. The ones with copious amounts of sex in them aren’t the ones you should be looking at, and clearly aren’t the ones for you (I don’t like them either). Check out some of the games I mentioned and then tell me that H games have no story.

    And regarding price… $115 is indeed a lot for an H game. H games are rarely that expensive though, and usually range from $35-$70.

    • What you mention are eroge VNs.
      Wikipedia: ! (シャッフル! Shaffuru!?) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Navel.
      Kira☆Kira (キラ☆キラ?) is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Overdrive and first released playable on a Microsoft Windows PC on November 27, 2007.
      : A Drug That Makes You Dream (ユメミルクスリ?) is an adult visual novel for the PC developed by Ruf.
      (沙耶の唄?, lit. Saya’s Song) is a visual novel by Nitroplus with horror elements.
      I have no inherent problem with eroge VNs. They consist of a story, and adult situations, usually they try to make it fit well into the story, and they usually try to deal with such situation in a believable or mature way. Some do a better job than others. Unlike H. H isn’t there to tell any story-but that is the purpose of a Visual Novel.
      Even the titles of the genres give it away-Visual Novel vs. Hentai Game.

      I will also admit I already own Shuffle! and I do have Saya No Uta (the sayaset) on pre-order from J-list.
      Kira Kira is on my game wishlist, along with Yume Miru Kusuri. No H games are on that list, but adult VNs are abundant, thanks to the few I have encountered to this point being actually good.

      • I always considered H games to be any VN or dating sim with sex scenes in it. I guess people can have their own interpretations of the term.

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