Help out Greg Ayres

I think most anime fans (well Western anime fans that is) have heard of Greg Ayres.  Even if you do not listen to English dubs or hate them with a passion you should have heard of his name.

Anyways it seems that he needs some dental work to rebuild a bridge in his mouth.  Without this repair he will not be able to do any more voice acting.  It seems that when he was younger (this I did not know) that he was a victim of an assault and as a result had some damage to his teeth and had to have a bridge put in his mouth.  Well the bridge fell out and as a result he cannot do anymore voice acting.

Say what you want about hating English dubs and what not, but as you know English VA’s do not make a lot of money.  With this current economy every little bits helps out.  Anyways it seems that Anime Detour an anime convention in Minnesota is having a donation drive.  Their goal is to reach $10,000 USD so that Greg can get his dental work taken care of.  Well actually they only need $5,000 because once that is reached Anime Twin Cities Inc. the parent company of Anime Detour will match the $5,000 once it is reached.  Of course that does mean that they want to stop at $5,000.  The more money that is donated will go to help other anime fans in times of need.

Even if you hate English dubs please consider donating money towards Greg.  Put your distaste of English dubs behind you and help another human being out.  Even if you can only donate $5 every little bit will help.

The site where you can donate is Anime Detour 2012


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