I would like to take this time to talk about JManga

But I can’t actually do that because they don’t take payments through PayPal and I don’t actually have a credit card so I can’t actually buy a subscription to buy points to buy something to read and the free previews are like 10 pages so that’s completely useless. Instead here’s the site’s hilarious description of Fate/Stay Night.

I did start buying One Piece on vizmanga.com though. Decided to do that because volumes are half the price of the actual books and I don’t have to worry about finding space for a 60+ volumes of manga. So go buy stuff from VizManga. They let you pay for things with real monies and don’t price gouge.


One thought on “I would like to take this time to talk about JManga

  1. We’re sorry to hear you haven’t been able to purchase anything on JManga, and that you have been less than satisfied with the services we offer. However, we are making some dramatic changes to the site based largely on user feedback, which has included slashing the prices to $4.99 in most cases, with more improvements yet to come.

    We’ve also been working on making previews at least 20 pages as well, to give readers a better experience, as we exist for and by the goodwill of the community.

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