Comparison: Sekirei and Queen’s Blade

Having recently finished these two very similar series on Netflix and Crunchyroll, I felt that instead of a review (as neither is really worth it, nor has the depth required for an in-depth review) I would compare the two, and compare them to their manga series as well, and see how well they work out. I’m not going to give a photo, as the single picture would give away the winner.

First off is Queen’s Blade. The story is there is a battle every few years where women fight to become queen. One woman is looking for her sister, who left home to compete. A rather bare-bones story, but it sets the tone, and it works well enough throughout the series.

Secondly is Sekirei. A bunch of attractive women join a harem led by this one guy (the loveable loser/shrimp type.) Somehow, they all get along, except for the occasional fight which is supposed to be comedic.

Both series have a bunch of attractive women with unbelievable endowment (and no back problems) fighting each other with various weapons.

So where does the difference lie? Well, examining the manga gives us a good look at how they are, story and character wise.

The Queen’s Blade manga is reasonably good. It gives us the same story, same characters, but it gos further in depth than the anime, and gives us a better look at the characters and their motives. In short, it makes you understand the characters and what motivates them-something the anime should have done. Queen’s Blade doesn’t really seem to try to be funny, apart from one chapter, which is only funny if you find the discomfort of others amusing. No spoilers.

The Sekirei manga does none of that. If you thought either of those two animes were a lot of fanservice, then be prepared: Sekirei manga is nothing but fanservice loosely tied together by less of a story, and more of dental floss that has been used by a leprous hobo for the last ten years. If the only thing to qualify porn as porn is “I know it when I see it,” then I have no idea how Sekirei is NOT softcore porn, with lots of pseudo-lesbian antics. Sekirei tries to be funny with its antics, characters, and situations, but it all falls flat. Plus,the writer seems to be a Bleach fan, as Sekirei has almost 200 chapters, most of which have nothing happening to advance the story.

In the end, I have to say Queen’s Blade is the one worth reading/watching. It has the dignity to end, unlike Sekirei, which seems to think it is Bleach, just not as good. The Queen’s Blade manga is actually toned DOWN in terms of outright fanservice and events that can only be describes as ‘how exactly is that supposed to work?’ Sekirei anime is toned down, but that is only so it isn’t classified as outright softcore, only to be shown on late-night pay per view. Queen’s Blade remembers it has to tell a story, and they actually bother to humanize the characters-they have motives, feelings, and they feel like the personality of someone who could actually exist.

But, both deserve a pedestal. Queen’s Blade deserves a pedestal of How To Make a Tough Girl Fighting Series (until a better example comes along.)

Sekirei deserves the pedestal of Too Busy With Fanservice to Remember to do Anything Else Right.

In the end, if you have time and enjoy the action girls fighting each other anime, Sekirei has less story and more fanservice, Queen’s Blade has more story and less fanservice. Both do still have a lot of fanservice.

If you have the time and enjoy these story types, just in manga format, Sekirei is nothing but fanservice (with the occasional fairly awful story section,) while Queen’s Blade concentrates on the story (and fights.)


14 thoughts on “Comparison: Sekirei and Queen’s Blade

  1. I guess, when you put it that way, it makes sense why I like both bleach and sekirei a great deal. And think both have good, if not terribly drawn out, stories. You can do a coherent story with a lot of characters, but when character arcs take precedence over the story arc, shows like this can seem incredibly slow and pointless to a person who is constantly asking “Are we there yet?” I suppose it’s ultimately about the journey, and how much someone is enjoying that journey. And clearly you’re not enjoying the journey in sekirei, which I can respect. To be fair, though, where the Bleach anime has done everything in its power to pad things out, the sekirei anime has focused more on what is relevant to the story arc overall.

  2. Having seen both Queen’s Blade and Sekirei, both have their plus and minuses. Sekirei while I enjoyed it a lot in the end is just a fanservice romp with some story. QB while has lots of fanservice has some plot to it. Neither are really bad as I liked both but I’ve come to see that you cannot look at both shows with the same pair of glasses.

  3. After having read the write up for Queen’s Blade and Sekirei I think I will change my mind and check out both of these titles. If I can get a good deal on them all the better. Great job on the write up.

      • I would say it has a good selection. Not even comparable to Crunchyroll, but its got some good newer series like Clannad and Eden of the East as well as oldies like Excel Saga and Macross II. A bunch of good stuff that’s on Funimation’s ticket (includes spice and wolf, ouran). The memorable Production IG shows (All of GitS, the xxxholic series too). Also some stuff Manga Entertainment (includes Gurren Lagann) and ViZ (includes Death Note and Bleach to 109).

    • Netflix and its dubs do have some issues. Saving a full write for when I’m feeling masochistic enough to finish, but excel saga is a good example of how not to dub. Don’t blame me for your bleeding ears.

      • Eh, excel saga is also old, no? Circa 1999 if the netflix page is to be believed. New dubs tend to be better than older ones. It can also depend on the show, or the character, even.

        Case in point, the dub cast for Fate/Stay Night was good, imho. The VA for Sakura, however, made my ears bleed. I also take issue with the script translation because of how widely excepted mirror moon’s translation is in the fan community. There were also some minor changes to the script, eg they added some dialog to emphasize Rin’s tsun side. But on the whole, the complaints are quibbles.

  4. See, what I’d like to point out is, you greatly overstated the minuses of sekirei, and not all of them are agreeable by a fair auidence. Sekirei does include alot of exposure, or as some people like to call it, “fan service”. But it does include a great amount of storyline, which can outweigh that by alot. They give a fair amount of action, and reason in each fight, and if you pay attention to anything other than the cleavlage, you’d be able to see each chapter supports another while still holding it’s storyline. Honestly, majority of what your saying, for lack of a better word is bullshit. Just because a manga has frequent chapters means it wants to be like bleach? And, to add, each charater in sekirei has their own personality, in every aspect of the ratio. A tough girl fighting series? What makes sekirei not which? Everything you say about sekirei is purely irrationalized opinion, and you need to tend to the good as well as the bad before you start judging.

    • My point with comparing Sekirei to Bleach is that Bleach releases a large number of chapters and drags out the plot. Sekirei has fewer chapters, but also drags out the plot. Sekirei prefers to use fanservice to pad the story out.
      As a previous review pointed out, Sekirei deals with every plot change by having a bath, and letting the viewer enjoy it.
      Notice this was not a review, but a comparison.
      In this case, it’s like choosing between milk that is six months out of date and three months out of date. Neither is really a good choice, but the three month old milk will mess you up less.

      • As it is true, the manga does bit legnten the plot with alot of chapters, but how you irrationalized your comparison of the two, you made it seem as if they’re priority was to have their chapters reflected upon bleach.

        And whichever review you are refering to, the baths are alot like an intermission for the next thing thats going to happen, alot similar to what you said, but I don’t see how that’s much of a bad thing.

        I honestly don’t find queens blade or sekirei to be a bad choice, but as you have your opinions, I have no choice but to respect them. I just don’t agree with your warrant to back up your information.

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