Summer 2011 Season Preview: IdolM@ster

Synopsis: “The arduous struggle of the 13 girls from Talent Production 765 who dream of one day becoming idols in the competitive Japanese entertainment industry.”

Thoughts: Who knew an anime adaption about a video game where you have to turn girls into idols could turn out to be an interesting show.  Is it going to be the best show of the season?  I do not know, but going at the path it is now there is a good chance that it could be a top five show.  Looking at the picture above you can see that this is a moe show.  With the many, a moe shows that exists today finding one that takes a new look at the genre is always refreshing.

The first episode is done in the style of documentary.  The camera operator asks the girls a question (which appears in subtitles) about being an idol or why they want to be an idol and the girls answer to the best of their abilities.  What makes this interesting to watch is it shows that the behind the PR perfected looks and responses the girls are supposed to give when they have their idol face on, that being an idol is not as easy as it may appear to be.  One of the girls is asked if the two and half hour train ride she has to take is hard, but she gives a cheerful response saying that it doesn’t bother her and that she gets to either listen to music or study up on her profession.  The show attempts to give the girls some personality outside of being an idol and in to an extent give the girls a three dimensional personalities.

Production wise the show looks amazing.  A lot of attention was given to the girls character designs while they are moe and are simple, if you pay attention to how the girls move you will notice that a lot of attention was given to body movements.  Even the background art looks good as well.

The appeal that IdolM@ster has to anime fans may be limited.  Those who cannot stand moe shows or game based adaptions will most likely want to pass on this one.  For those who stick around and decide to give the show a watch will get a pretty looking and almost deconstructed look into the world of being an idol.

Score 4/5


3 thoughts on “Summer 2011 Season Preview: IdolM@ster

  1. This is like, the exact opposite of Antz’ review. lol

    I still have yet to watch it. Hoping someone picks it up for simulcasting.

  2. Oh lololol, just read Antz’s and now this.

    There are two paths this show could take – one where the producer is more a cameraman than a producer, and all the girls act using their idol cheerful personalities, turning into a boring moeblob show that sucks. There’s a 93% chance this will happen.

    The second path is that the show explodes in mid-production. That’s a 5% chance.

    The third (oh what) path is if the producer eventually becomes a part of the girls’ lives, and then their idol facade breaks down and we really get to see some three-dimensional characters. Like you said, though there are other shows that show idols as being perfect, happy, cheerful people, this show has the /potential/ to rip that preconception out and become a drama that will actually rocket it into the top five.

    Tell me what has happened mid-cour, will ya?

  3. I will watch episode 2 tonight, so I think I will do a episode 2 write up as part of the guide.

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