Summer 2011 First Impressions: Blood-C


Synopsis: Saya Kisaragi is a high school student who serves as a shrine maiden at her family’s temple. Saya is also responsible for killing these strange monster thingies that sometimes attack for no discernible reason. And she’s also a klutzy ditz who falls down a lot and is often late for school.

Thoughts: I’m really curious as to what went into the thought process that created this show. It’s like a mash up of two things that really shouldn’t be mashed: moe klutzy girl who falls down and loves cake, and bloody, violent, gruesome fighting. Personally I love bloody, violent, gruesome fighting but sitting through about 15 minutes where Saya falls down twice, sings about toast and coffee, and hangs around with her wacky high school friends to get to it just feels like a chore. I can’t imagine the moe loving people are really going to enjoy it either, unless girls covered in blood is the latest trend in moe fandom I guess.

The first episode throws around several terms but makes absolutely no effort to explain what they mean or their significance to the plot. Not that there’s much of a plot to begin with. It’s just a bunch of stuff that happens for no given reason. The lead in to the fight scene is literally just Saya’s father telling her she has to fulfill her duty. Then she goes and kills some random monster and then calls it a day. That’s really how the episode ends. She just goes home after nearly being killed by a monster. No explanation as to why she has to do it, what the monster is, or what the deal is with her sword. I guess the hook here is to leave the viewer so confused that they watch the second episode just to understand what the hell happened in the first one.

If nothing else, the show at least looks nice. CLAMP worked on the show, so obviously noodle-men abound, but the animation is nice and fluid and the the fight scene is fast paced and intense. The uniforms at Saya’s high school do seem a little questionable, what with the chain draped around everyone’s necks, but it’s pretty clear they’re really pushing a certain look here, and black and red does make a nice looking uniform.

There really isn’t any reason to actually watch this show. If you’re just in it for the gruesome fights, skip 15 minutes into the episode and start watching from there. It’ll make just as much sense as if you had watched the entire thing. Other than that, you might as well skip it.

Score: 2/5

Blood-C is available streaming at NicoNico


One thought on “Summer 2011 First Impressions: Blood-C

  1. I think they’re trying just to throw us into the plot from the beginning, but that’s not really working so far.

    I have no idea what to expect from this anymore.

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