Summer 2011 First Impressions: Yuru Yuri


Synopsis: “The shoujo-ai series is about a group of school girl aged friends who end up taking over a tea ceremony room in the school that’s no longer used and form their own club, an “amusement club” as you may say.”

Thoughts: Similar to last season’s slice of life show A Channel but now with yuri elements instead of implied yuri elements.  Of course having yuri elements does not make a show that does just about nothing to set itself apart from other moe slice of life shows any better.  Yuru Yuri’s first episode is introduces the main four girls who go to an all-girls middle school.  Nothing in this first episode of this show really stands out.  The character designs are generic moe and are forgettable.  The music is generic and forgettable.  In fact, most of what is present in the first episode is forgettable.

Of course, there are some good elements to this show.  While this is a slice of life show, there is comedy involved too and the comedy is quite funny.  I have never seen a show do a bit on what makes someone noticeable and make it funny at the same time.  The cast is also likeable as well, which is important for any moe or slice of life show.

The first episode of Yuru Yuri does not do much to set it apart from other shows in the genre.  Those who like moe shows or even slice of life shows should give the first episode a watch to determine if they want to keep watching it or not.  Those looking for something deeper look elsewhere.

Score 2 out of 5

Yuru Yuri is streaming on Crunchyroll


2 thoughts on “Summer 2011 First Impressions: Yuru Yuri

  1. I kinda liked the first episode of this. Sure, it’s nothing new but I really like the characters and humor so far. Not sure if the show will stick, but so far so good.

  2. The humour was surprisingly good – I was expecting to drop it for being just a moe show, but it’s really actually pretty funny.

    That and SO MOE

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