Summer 2011 Season Preview Guide: Sacred Seven

Sacred Seven

Synopsis: “Alma Tandoji lives a lonely life. One day, Ruri Alba, a girl accompanied by her butler and maids, visits him. Knowing the power of Sacred Seven is latent within Alma, she asks him to lend her his powers. However, he refuses and drives her away since he injured many with his unusual strength in the past. Meanwhile, a fiendish Dark Stone creature suddenly appears in this peaceful town in the Kanto region. Only Alma’s power of Sacred Seven can fight against it. But Alma just lets his power run amok and things begin to get worse.”

Thoughts: My foray into the summer season is off to a pretty good start. This isn’t to say Sacred Seven is perfect, far from it really. Very little of the actual story is addressed in the first episode, and next to none of the characters are properly introduced. There’s no motive or reason given for anything that happens in the episode. But none of that really matters. All that matters is that the action scenes are amazing. The animation is great, and the fights are intense and exciting. I’m sure the series is going to delve deeper into the plot in future episodes, but it could be 11 more episodes of Alma punching monsters in the face and I wouldn’t mind at all. Definitely a show worth checking out.

Score: 4/5

Sacred Seven will be available streaming on Hulu (US only)


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