Pre-Orders for July

Vincent meets a beautiful girl named Catherine at his local haunt.  After his brief love encounter with this lovely woman he is thrown into nightmares where he must escape grotesque monsters as he climbs up a tower to safety.  These nightmares reoccur ever night and he must come face to face with his fears before they consume him.

This is Atlus’ first foray into high definition.  Although this is not the HD Persona game I am looking forward to I am still excited by this title.  I really enjoy all of the work Atlus puts out and this strange tale just captures my interest and imagination.  Hopefully it will live up to my expectations.  This mixture of visual novel and block climbing will hopefully be amazing.

Based on the biblical book of Enoch, this game tells the story of a priest named Enoch who hopes to stop a flood from destroying all of mankind.  He is aided by a guardian angel named Lucifel and by four archangels in his quest.

El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron just oozes style.  This game has an artstyle all of it’s own.  Bizzare, twisted, and outlandish are words used to describe this venture.  This is no typical bible game as angels wear jeans and use cell phones.  Varying perspectives from side scrolling to arena boss battles make up the bulk of this game.  This game looks like a real experience and I can not wait to play it.


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