Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS – Mini Review

Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS was released June, 19, 2011.  More of a revised port than a remake, the 3DS iteration of this classic title is an enjoyable experience.  The story, for those who are unfamiliar, is about a boy rising up to thwart an evil that wants to imprison and rule the land.  This tale has aged remarkably well and retains it’s classic status even to this day.  The story has remained untouched leaving the same dialogue and sound clips from each of it’s previous ports.  Including the dreaded “LISTEN” from Navi.

The gameplay has had a few tweaks and revisions.  The main improvement is that you have a second screen that you can use in real time to switch between items and accessories.  The Water Temple has never been less aggravating as switching the iron boots on and off is less of a chore then before.  Various tweaks and adjustments have made making playing this title more smooth.  There is also the inclusion of a Boss Rush mode that is unlocked after you beat the bosses of each temple.  Master Quest, which is a harder version of Ocarina of Time, is also unlocked after you complete the game.

The presentation is where this game has had the most of an overhaul.  The title is in 3D, as the title suggests, and it seems less of a gimmick and more natural to play in that manner.  There is an amazing depth to the world and it immerses you more then before.  Without 3D the game is still beautiful with improved textures and graphics.  Towns have more life now with added set pieces and scenery.  Shops acually have items stacked against the wall making it seem more like a shop people would visit.

Overall this title is an updated port of a timeless classic.  The 3D adds much to the experience along with updated textures and graphics.  The game play is smooth and more enjoyable with the second screen.  If you have not checked out this classic title you would be doing yourself a disservice for not at least trying it out.  For those with a 3DS and thinking this is just another shameless port by Nintendo, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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