Grasshopper Manufacture to create a Neon Genesis Evangelion Video Game

Grasshopper Manufacture, led by Goichi Suda, has announced that they are going to be making a Neon Genesis Evangelion video game.  Grasshopper has been known for past titles such as, No More Heroes, Killer 7, and its upcoming title Shadows of the Damned.  The game will be based off the new Rebuild of Evangelion movies, which is a remake of the original series.  The title has been revealed to be an odd combination of a rhythm, action, and music game.  Famed Akira Yamaoka, musical contributor to the Silent Hill franchise, will be mixing the music.  This whole production will be overseen by Goichi Suda himself.  The title has been revealed to be 85 percent finished and is to be released this September in Japan for the Sony Playstation Portable.

A rhythm, action, music game created by Grasshopper Manufacture sounds like a very odd combination.  I have doubts about how well this game will be, but its always interesting to see what Suda can come up with.  Here is a link to a trailer for the game –


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