Atlus USA possibly teasing Persona 2 for PSP

Anyone subscribing to Atlus’ newsletter recently received an email claiming to be from June 23, 1999. The email features editorial about whether the Playstation or Nintendo 64 is better, how panicked we should be about Y2K, and even a review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

The noteworthy part of the email is that it mentions no new games coming out in Japan that week. Not many people would actually know this offhand, but Persona 2: Innocent Sin came out June 24th, 1999 in Japan. The reference to this date makes it seem likely that Atlus is hinting they plan to bring the PSP port of the game to North America. This will be the first time the game made it to North America as previously only Eternal Punishment, an alternate telling of the game, was released here.

Here’s a full version of the email for anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the newsletter.


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