Funimation subscription video test

Funimation is offering a video test for the subscription service they will be adding to their new site later this year. Information about the test can be found in the site’s forums. The test video can be found here. You’ll be asked to install a browser plug-in and afterwards you’ll be able to watch the three videos, one of which is HD, and can fill in info about how well it works below. I can only assume the videos are region locked to the US and Canada.

For comparison, here are two screencaps of Rideback. One from the HD test video on the left, and one from the normal streaming video on the right. (Open in a new tab to view fullsize)


One thought on “Funimation subscription video test

  1. HD?!? On Funimation’s site?!?! If this is suggesting that they may be finally rolling out HD video (and I hope it is) then all I can say is IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!

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