2011 Spring Anime Challenge

So I decided to participate in a new challenge that will be starting this Saturday.  The challenge was posted on animeherald.com and being that I like challenges from time to time, I decided to jump in feet first on this one.  Here is what the challenge is (quoted directly from animeherald.com)

  • The participant watches through a show or film of his choosing. This can be anything – a title seen but never reviewed, a title never seen, or anything in-between.
  • After watching, the participant will then write a brief review or article on the title.
  • The next title in line will then be decided by mob rule, with polls on the site or on social media like Twitter or Facebook being used as key deciding points. This will be a multiple-choice affair, with 3-5 titles offered by the participant. These titles will be shows that the participant has not seen before.
  • The participant then watches through this show, and writes a corresponding piece.
  • The process repeats.

The concept of this challenge is reduce the anime back log we get titles that we have purchased but never watched.  The challenge will start May 14, 2011 and will end the last day of June.  The reviews will be posted on this site but will be titled “Spring Cleaning Anime Challenge Review” The reviews will still be the same format as always but the title will just be different.  I hope to have my first review for this challenge up either by Sunday or by Tuesday at the latest.


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