Funimation Relief for Japan

This has actually been going on for a few weeks now, but Funimation has started a charity auction to raise money for Japan. They’re auctioning off some rare merchandise on eBay, along with items which can be purchased without bidding, and the shipping for all purchases is free. More information can be found at their site. They don’t have any auctions going at the moment, but they will have more up in May.

The reason I brought this up now is because the item I bought arrived in the mail today. I purchased a set of four Spice & Wolf coins, which they were selling for $20. I decided to buy these because they were the cheapest thing they had up at the time, plus I happen to like Spice & Wolf. Here’s what they look like:

The coins weren’t the only thing that they sent though.

The envelope itself was sealed with a Chobits sticker:

Along with the coins, the envelope also contained a Chobits fridge magnet, an Evangelion 2.22  NERV sticker (this is the third one I’ve gotten as one comes with the movie, and one came with the Summer Wars slip covers they mailed out), and in case you were worried about having to tear the Chobits sticker sealing the envlope, they put another one inside.

Aside from those, there were also several ad cards for things that are already out, or will be out soon.

From left to right: Excel Saga, Chrome Shelled Regios, Hero Tales, Eden of the East: King of Eden, the S.A.V.E. line, the Anime Classics line, Spring Releases, Disgaea, and Evangelion 2.22 below.

There was also a printed note that just said thanks for helping Japan. Remember, you can find more information about Funimation’s charity auctions at the site, and they’ll have more auctions soon.


One thought on “Funimation Relief for Japan

  1. I’m well aware this is an ancient post, and that this is an odd request. .. If you have one of those coins you would be willing to sell.. I would be very grateful. I’m a huge Spice and Wolf fan.. and missed out on a lot of the early merchandise. Please consider.. it would really mean a lot to me. Thank you for your time. 🙂 email @ hitokiri_ace (at) yahoo.

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