Funimation Sakura Con 2011 Announcements

Not much news came out of Funimation’s panel at Sakura Con today, but there are a few announcements.

The biggest announcement was the acquisition of the currently airing series Fairy Tail. Dubbing of the series has already begun, and they plan on releasing the first DVD set in the Fall. An announcement of this series was expected to come from one of the US distributors as Manga Entertainment, who is distributing the series in the UK, had mentioned that the series would be released here, but they couldn’t say who would be releasing it. The series premiered in the Fall of 2009 and is currently being simulcast on Crunchyroll, though older episodes aren’t available.

They also announced that they would be releasing season three of Shin-Chan, though this isn’t really a surprise since the DVD has been listed on Amazon and RightStuf for a while now.

They also mentioned that they will have more news at their Anime Boston panel tomorrow, including possibly a simulcast announcement. Luckily enough, Janai will be attending that panel so I’ll hear of any announcements as soon as they happen.


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