Persona 4 anime in the works

*UPDATE: The Mayonaka TV website has another countdown*

Late last week a website appeared with a countdown clock that ended today. The website had a colour scheme similar to the PS2 RPG Persona 4, along with a mistake that caused the mobile phone version of the site  mention a “Persona 4 Animation,” leading most to conclude that a Persona 4 anime was in the works. Now that the countdown has ended the website plays a short trailer and links to another website.

More information about the staff and cast can be found at the new website: Shoji Meguro will be returning as composer for the adaptation, so if nothing else at least the soundtrack will be good. It’s worth noting that that today’s date, April 11th 2011, is the in-game date that Persona 4 starts on.

(Source: ANN)


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