Antz’ Spring 2011 First Impressions: Battle Girls – Time Paradox

Battle Girls – Time Paradox

Synopsis: “Modern-day middle school girl Hideyoshi is mysteriously hurled into a world resembling the warring states period of Japanese history, only this time it’s inhabited only by women. This world’s Oda Nobunaga is gathering the legendary Crimson Armor so she can rule the world, and for some reason needs Hideyoshi’s help to do it.”

Thoughts: You know what we really need more of? Anime about the Sengoku period of Japan. It’s a shame no one has thought to adapt this into a totally awesome series already, but I guess this gender-swapped version will just have to do. I swear, Japanese entertainment neglects the Sengoku period almost as much as they neglect Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

That aside, this really isn’t a very good show. The first episode is filled with poor attempts to draw humour from Hideyoshi being completely unable to realize she’s been transported into the past. She gets confused about why there are no flush toilets, or why there’s no electricity in Nobunaga’s castle, or why her cell phone can’t get any reception. There’s also the really obvious issue of  almost every character having huge knockers while wearing next to no armour. I guess the show is meant for people who don’t like Japanese history because it isn’t nearly sexy enough for them.

Of course, the series’ biggest flaw is not making Oda Nobunaga the villain. She shows up threateningly enough, bursting out of a flaming building with an orchestral score backing her, and killing a group of bandits (or something, it’s never really clarified what the hell is happening there) in one move. Then all of a sudden she’s being nice to Hideyoshi, offering her food and asking her to help her find some magical armour. I can get over gender-swapping Nobunaga, but making him into a decent human being just seems wrong. It’s one of those simple truths in life. The sky is blue, the Earth revolves around the sun, Oda Nobunaga is a horrible monster arisen from the depths of hell itself. So yeah, skip Battle Girls.

Score: 1/5

Battle Girls – Time Paradox is available on Crunchyroll


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