Tales of Graces f Possibly Getting Localized

In what will come as surprising news to many fans of Namco’s Tales series, it seems like Tales of Graces f may be getting localized. It’s been over two years since a Tales game was released here, with the last one being Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World back in November 2008, and many fans have given up hope of ever seeing another reach these shores. But recent events have led some to conclude that Tales of Graces f is indeed on its way.

Things started when Namco made a post on their Facebook page about a puzzle, with a link to this image:

Namco Community Manager Rich Bantegui posted a clue on Twitter. Fans eventually solved the puzzle, which led them to this website, containing a blurry image that appears to change every day.

On the first day, it originally looked like this:

Which, when inverted, looked similar to the Tales of Graces f logo, most notably the “Ta” from Tales and the “f” in the background. This led many to believe that Namco was hinting at Tales of Graces f getting localized. The use of “Richard” in the URL also caused many to assume Graces as there is a character named Richard in the game.

For comparison:

Shortly after this was discovered the image was changed to this, presumably to make it a little less obvious:

The “Ta” is still visible, it’s just slightly less obvious.

Then, yesterday, the image changed to this:

The image still contains the “Ta” from day one, but the “f” is no longer visible. Some have pointed out that the ridges in the background look similar to the Tales of Vesperia logo. More importantly, there is a date now visible in the image, 2.2.2011, most likely meaning that Namco will finally reveal what this is all about next Wednesday, February 2nd. Nothing more is revealed when the image is inverted, save for the appearance of a few ghosts from Pac-Man.

The image changed again today, this time losing the ridges on the bottom, as well as the Pac-Man ghosts. Most notably, there is now clearly a “T” in the middle of the image, even though the original “Ta” is still there.

This new “T” bears more resemblance to the one from recent Tekken logos than any Tales game. My best guess is that Namco is purposefully messing around with the image in order to throw people off. For now all we can do is keep watching the site, and hope that something gets revealed next Wednesday.

(Original day one images found at Abyssal Chronicles)


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