Coming Soon: Top 10 Greatest RPGs

Coming soon, I’ll be starting a series of posts where I rank my 10 favorite RPGs of all time. There will be one post per day, and each post will cover one game. Here’s what you can expect from this:

  • One game per franchise – While I could easily place two or three Final Fantasy games in this list, that just isn’t fair to the other franchises. So, there will only be one game per franchise in this list.
  • I can only talk about games I’ve played – There’s tons of great classics out there, many of which I haven’t played. While I’m sure that Earthbound, Phantasy Star, and Valkyrie Profile are excellent games, I unfortunately never got around to playing them, so I can’t include them in this list.
  • Yes, this will be JRPGs only – I don’t care if the title is misleading. I’m not changing it to “Top 10 Greatest JRPGs.” Why? Because it’s my list, and I don’t want to. I was never a fan of WRPGs, for reasons explained here.
  • My opinion – After all, this is all my opinion – not an objective overview. If you don’t like my choices, then go ahead and make your own list. 😛

This will begin on Monday, May 17. I’ll make one post each weekday (Monday-Friday) until Friday, May 28.

This should be a fun little project, and I encourage everyone to check out the games that I list in this, especially the older classics that may go under-appreciated. Stay tuned and subscribe via RSS if you want to keep up with the updates!


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